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Friday, October 12, 2018 | By Chris Clancy

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If given the choice to treat an issue with one or a few methods or the choice to treat it with several types of unique methods, you would likely take the multi-method approach to increase your chances of success. That’s the basic theory behind holistic therapy.

Though holistic therapy and medicine have been around for millennia, it has seen newfound popularity in the Western world. Doctors, treatment centers, and hospitals have started implementing holistic programs into their therapy choices, and the results have been positive.

Because we believe in treating the entire person, not just a chemical imbalance, we also use holistic therapy as part of our addiction recovery program. Let’s learn more about our holistic therapy program including what it is and its unique benefits to treating addiction and other issues.

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy can be understood if you know what holistic means. Though the word has unfairly become associated with pseudo-medicine, holistic means seeing the parts of something as intimately connected and explicable only by reference to the whole -the mind, body, and soul. In medicine, holistic refers to treating not just the physical illness, but also any accompanying mental and social illnesses. In the simplest terms, holistic means all parts of you.

Holistic doesn’t have to mean lighting scented candles and trying to meditate or only buying organic food – holistic is the whole self. When you understand the real definition of holistic you can better understand the approach the holistic therapy in treating addiction.

Holistic Therapy and Addiction

Recently more doctors, detox centers, and treatment facilities have begun using a holistic approach to help treat addiction and drug abuse. Like any other illness or condition, the best method is to treat not just the patient’s addicted brain, but their heart, mindset, and all aspects of addiction. Most treatment facilities offer more than just detox drugs but also nutrition advice, opportunities for spiritual outreach, fitness routines, mental exercises, thought therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, social outreach, and much more.

Treatment centers that use a holistic approach tend to have better results. They can treat the patient’s alcohol withdrawal while also treating their childhood trauma, poor eating and sleeping habits, and negative outlook on life. Again, when all parts are addressed the results are better. In a holistic approach, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Unique Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Three-Pronged Attack

The greatest benefit of holistic therapy is the three-pronged attack. You are treating the brain, the body, and the heart or soul. In medicine, if given the option for three unique treatments that can treat you better together than alone, you would choose the three every time. It’s the same with treating your addiction.

You can use modern pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and exercise to help treat your body. You can use crossword puzzles, woodworking, self-therapy techniques, and many other options for your mind. You can use prayer, meditation, or even hiking for your soul. The human is a unique animal, one that benefits from therapy on all fronts. Our holistic therapy is that approach.

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Better Physical Results

People who treat addiction and other issues with a holistic approach often have better physical results. In holistic physical medicine you don’t only want to treat addiction with drugs but with proper diet, lessons on nutrition, better sleep habits, better hydration, and other approaches. Attacking the physical aspects of addiction holistically may benefit your body in more ways than you would have guessed.

Think of your body like a car with a few small problems and one big problem. The car will operate much better if you fix both the small things and the big issue instead of just the big issue. If you focus on all aspects of your physical health, you will see better results.

Better Understand Yourself

Searching yourself inwardly is a large part of holistic therapy. If you don’t understand yourself, it will be difficult to overcome your addiction or issue. Holistic therapy encourages you to practice meditation where you can free your mind and mindfulness where you seek to become hyper-aware of yourself and the world around you.

If you don’t understand yourself, you might continue to fight with addiction as you struggle to figure out where you belong outside of your drug use – a real problem for many addicts. Holistic therapy encourages you to know you and to use that knowledge to mold yourself into a better you.

See the World More Positively

The mindfulness that comes with a holistic approach can help pull you out of your funk. Mindfulness encourages you to savor every delicious piece of food that hits your tongue, to admire the different colors of a sunset, to smell the fresh rain on asphalt. Those who practice mindfulness report feeling calmer, happier, and more in touch with themselves and their environment.

Recommended Reading: If you want to further explore holistic therapy pick up a copy of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate. Mate explores addiction and how holistic approaches have proven most beneficial for even the worst of addicts and alcoholics.

Getting Started

If you think holistic therapy is your best option to treat your addiction, trauma, or other issues there’s no better day than today to get started. Our website is available, and our phone lines are open, simply call and talk to one of our counselors about how holistic therapy can help your unique situation.

You can treat just your addiction, just your PTSD, or you can treat your entire self with holistic therapy.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to let you know how we can help you get your life back!


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