Trauma-Informed Care

At JourneyPure Bowling Green, we use a Trauma Informed approach to addiction treatment, which means that we understand that trauma is often the root of addiction. Trauma can stem from a specific past event of being raised in a neglectful environment.

All types of trauma can affect the neurological system. When combined with addiction, trauma affects the biological, neurological, psychological, and social parts of a person’s life. At JourneyPure Bowling Green, we realize the impact of trauma and make every effort to help clients understand their own responses to these hidden emotional wounds. We work to heal and change neural pathways in order to promote proactive rather than reactive behaviors. By utilizing new coping skills, recovering addicts are much less likely to reach for substances to numb pain.

Our main priority is to establish an environment that is both emotionally and physically safe. This is done by constantly ensuring transparency and trust with our patients and staff. Operating in this fashion encourages patients to live from a place of empowerment rather than self sabotage. We emphasize the development and cultivation of relationships with clients instead of engaging in power struggles.

At JourneyPure Bowling Green, we also focus on the well being and emotional health of our staff. This, in turn, allows the staff to bring clarity, understanding, and compassion to their dealings with patients. We have an ongoing commitment to providing our employees with opportunities for growth and development, which in turn nurtures a functional and healthy team.

We are located on three acres with a garden and large recreational area, but only 2 miles from Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green is known throughout KY as a recovery friendly city, and our patients are embraced and supported by the local AA and NA community. We have a network of strong recovery homes that work with JourneyPure Bowling Green to help our patients transition from residential into community based treatment using our aftercare and Recovery Coaching.