Healthy Living

JourneyPure at the River’s Commitment to Healthy Living

Drug and alcohol addiction can take its toll on a person’s body, mind, and spirit. At JourneyPure Bowling Green, we believe the key to long-term recovery is a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our comprehensive approach combines a variety of therapies and treatments that address the challenges associated with addiction, because we know that treatment is never one-size-fits-all.

By using different approaches to cultivate mindfulness, meditation, and physical health, our holistic recovery programs show great promise in the abilities of our clients to successfully complete a treatment plan. Many of our clients leave JourneyPure Bowling Green looking and feeling stronger than they have in years.

Healing The Body

When enrolling at JourneyPure Bowling Green, medically assisted detox is the first priority. Our experienced clinicians provide relief from common withdrawal symptoms. With our help, you can adjust to sobriety without becoming overwhelmed.

After detox, it is essential to replenish the body with a healthy supply of nutrients to fuel long-term recovery. A dietician will create a customized meal plan for you, designed to support healing from the inside out. Preparing healthy meals and making a nourishing diet part of your lifestyle are skills that will serve you long after leaving JourneyPure Bowling Green.

A cornerstone of a healthy life is exercise. Independent research studies indicate that physical activity can have a powerful impact on one’s mood. After years of not making physical health a priority, you will have the necessary support to develop healthier habits.

Healing The Mind

Our programs devote a great deal of time and resources towards addressing any underlying issues that can lead to addiction. Our individual and group therapy sessions will help patients identify and work through past traumas and triggers, as well as provide them with healthy coping mechanisms moving forward. Chemical imbalances are also addressed.

The social, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction are among the most challenging aspects of recovery, which is why our multi-layered program utilizes a diverse range of therapies. You will participate in four individual therapy sessions per week, as well as group therapy, art therapy, and other therapies as recommended. Programs may also include therapy for a co-occurring disorders.

Healing The Spirit

JourneyPure Bowling Green provides access to spiritual care in the form of 12-step programs and counselors that are knowledgeable in certain practices of religion. We offer clients the opportunity to explore their spirituality and develop a stronger sense of purpose, worth, and stability.

You may find inner peace in activities such as equine therapy, meditation, songwriting, or yoga. It may also come by making connections with others who have walked a similar path as you, or by making amends with loved ones from the past.

Spiritual care at JourneyPure Bowling Green is available to anyone who expresses interest in becoming involved in these services. It is never forced upon any one who chooses to pursue different support services on their road to recovery.

We believe in the power of holistic rehab, and continually witness our clients making great strides with the help of these experimental therapies as they focus on their spirit.

Stay Healthy After Treatment

Recovery doesn’t end when a patient leaves our treatment center, that’s why we created JourneyPure Coaching, to provide our clients with ongoing support. The JourneyPure Coaching platform keeps us connected to you for a year after treatment, giving you best chance at long-term recovery.