Chronic Care

Addiction Is A Chronic Disease

Even though the American Medical Association classified addiction as a chronic disease more than 50 years ago, segments of society and the healthcare community continue to debate the topic. Despite medical consensus and the fact that individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol share many characteristics with people suffering from other chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. addicts and alcoholics rarely receive the continued support and care necessary for long-term recovery.

5 Characteristics Addiction Shares with Other Chronic Diseases

  1. Strongly associated with family history and genetics
  2. Diagnosable
  3. Influenced by behavior
  4. High risk of disability or even death
  5. Can be treated effectively, but there are no cures

Our Long-Term Commitment To Your Care

At JourneyPure Bowling Green, our commitment to your health and recovery doesn’t end  when you leave our facility. Strong, continuous care is crucial in maintaining lasting recovery from the chronic conditions of alcoholism and drug addiction. For this reason, we customize our plans to support your ongoing needs.

Ongoing Support Programs

  • JourneyPure Coaching
    • Our JourneyPure Coaching™ app utilizes the latest technology to deliver ongoing care to your smartphone 24/7.
  • Integrated Care
    • Patients with co-occurring mental health issues will have access to supportive care with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  • Ongoing Resources
    • We help connect you with the best addiction resources and rehabilitation experts in your immediate area including sober living communities, counselors, and 12 step programs.

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JourneyPure Bowling Green offers you the ongoing tools and services necessary to help you cope with chronic addiction by establishing new habits for healthy living. We’re here to help. We’re here to stay. We are committed to your recovery.