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Alcoholism affects millions of people annually and is the most widespread addiction in the United States. According to a study conducted by the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency, roughly 17 million people suffer from alcohol abuse. After just a few hours of abstaining, the effects of alcohol withdrawal can cause those addicted to feeling anxious and physically ill. Withdrawal symptoms can include trembling, irritability, insomnia, and a constant desire to drink. Before realizing what’s happening, alcohol addiction can take control over an individual’s life.

The nature of alcohol addiction is physical. This means that certain necessary chemicals in the brain become dependent on the consumption of alcohol in order to be released. Due to the brain’s inability to immediately adjust, the consequences of attempting to quit drinking without medical supervision can be fatal. Common effects of alcohol withdrawal include seizures, hallucinations, diarrhea, vomiting, cravings, and other discomforting symptoms and health problems.

What Is an Alcohol Rehab In Kentucky?

Rehab, like the one offered at our Bowling Green alcohol rehab in Kentucky, usually refers to inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse and dependence but can be used as a term that encompasses any form of treatment, from detox to outpatient.

Many people who suffer from alcoholism are in need of some form of rehabilitation treatment, however, the extent of their alcoholism and the amount of time that they have spent drinking will ultimately decide what type of rehab is best for them. For instance, if an individual has been abusing alcohol for decades, or really for any amount of time for that matter, then they will need to start off their treatment process with detox. The reason for this is because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can produce fatal consequences if the proper medical supervision is not in place. However, once the detox process is completed the individual will then have the choice as to whether they are going to attend an outpatient program or an inpatient treatment program.

For those individuals who choose to attend an inpatient treatment program, they will be residing at the facility for the duration of their stay. Programs like this usually consist of individual and group therapies during the day, followed by 12 Step meetings at night. The clients of these sort of treatment programs, like our alcohol rehab in Kentucky, are housed at the facility and this offers a higher level of care where they can receive 24-hour support.

For those individuals who choose to attend an outpatient treatment program, they will be commuting to the treatment center during the day and then living at their home at night. For people who have jobs that they cannot get away from, or for people who are raising a family, this can be a great alternative to inpatient treatment, although it does have its drawbacks. Some of which is the fact that they will not have the luxury of being surrounded by caring and supportive professionals throughout most of the day, and they will have to deal with the stresses of life all while experiencing early recovery. For some people this can be too much, causing them to fall back into their alcoholism, which is why it is often times suggested that an individual attend inpatient treatment after detox so that they can have the best possible chance at achieving long-term sustained recovery.

When to Seek Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky

If you suspect that you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem, but you are not entirely sure, then take a look at some of the common signs of alcoholism listed below and see how they match up.

Some common signs of alcoholism are:

  •       Justifying daily drinking that results in getting drunk.
  •       Neglecting responsibilities, at work and at home, due to being drunk or hungover.
  •       Driving drunk without considering the consequences.
  •       Being arrested for drunk driving (DUI).
  •       Failing to acknowledge that you have a drinking problem, even when family and f  

friends express concern.

  •       Losing touch with non-drinking friends and seeking out the companionship of other heavy drinkers.

What to Expect at Our Alcohol Rehab In Kentucky

Our residential treatment programs for men and women are designed to help people who are battling alcoholism to overcome their addiction, as well as other peripheral issues, in order to live a more peaceful and happy life.


Our process for treating alcoholism begins with a medically assisted detox, which protects the patient from the potentially fatal effects of alcohol withdrawal. Our staff provides 24/7 care in order to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, making the transition to sober living less overwhelming.


JourneyPure utilizes a combination of therapies in order to encourage our clients to actively engage in their recovery process. We provide holistic treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and experiential therapies. Our staff will work diligently to diagnose any coexisting conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and depression. By treating these dual diagnoses simultaneously, we increase the client’s rate of success once leaving treatment. In addition, we offer 12 Step and group support programs that aren’t grounded in the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our goal is to find the unique solution that works in treating the individual, giving each client the necessary tools to succeed in their recovery.

Staying Sober with JourneyPure Coaching Platform

Each individual who completes rehabilitation for alcoholism at JourneyPure Bowling Green will automatically be enrolled in the JourneyPure Coaching Platform. This allows alumni to stay in touch with their recovery coaches, as well as engage in group support for a full year after their treatment.

Getting The Right Help At Our Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky

If you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with alcohol and you believe that they need an alcohol rehab in Kentucky then call the professionals at JourneyPure Bowling Green today, at 270-282-7192. Our trained, caring, and knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you in any way that they can. They know exactly what it is that you are currently going through and they want nothing more but to help you through this trying time. Please give us a call today.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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  • The people here are very nice and will do whatever it takes to help you out, they are very helpful, its a great place to start off your sobriety



  • I have enjoyed my stay and feel very confident in my recovery. Everyone here has been wonderful and very helpful. I would recommend Journey Pure to anyone seeking recovery.