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Experiential Therapy At JourneyPure Bowling Green

We offer several programs at JourneyPure Bowling Green that help our clients overcome their addictions and achieve lasting recovery. One of our more innovative programs is experiential therapy. Our licensed therapists help our clients explore fascinating activities such as music, art, and many others to help them uncover the underlying issues that led to their addiction. Patients are encouraged to finish projects that involve problem solving skills, giving them the ability and confidence they need for long-term success.

The Benefits of Experiential Techniques

Experiential techniques first began in the 1970’s, as therapists looked for ways to help people going through addiction. They found that the use of actions, movements, and other techniques helped those in recovery to get in touch with their inner selves. The better you understand yourself, the better your chances of understanding the issues that cause your addictive behavior.

Experiential therapies allow clients to overcome obstacles, enhance self-esteem, experience success, and take control over their own happiness. A few examples of experiential therapy techniques include:

  • Songwriting Therapy—Song and poetry writing is not only a powerfully effective form of art therapy, but it is also useful for helping JourneyPure Bowling Green therapists understand their clients’ state of mind, evaluate their mental health, and facilitate communication between client and therapist. Songwriting therapy encourages clients to work on self-expression skills, strengthens their self-esteem, and provides an outlet through which they can put their thoughts down on paper without regard to form or expectations. To learn more about Songwriting Therapy click here.
  • Adventure Therapy — This can be a strenuous form of experiential therapy, but is also an extremely fun way to find the needed focus to add stability to your life and recover from addiction. It involves a variety of physical challenges that help you overcome the inevitable obstacles you will face once treatment ends. You’ll climb, stretch, pull, and perform other physical tasks that increase your determination and help build trust within yourself.
  • Art Therapy — Art therapy is a tremendous opportunity for clients to draw inspiration from their experiences and express themselves. Not only is it a great way to meet new people and form long-lasting, positive relationships, but it’s also fun! There are many types of art therapy, including cinema therapy, writing therapy, photography therapy, among others. This is one of the more popular forms of experiential therapy that we offer at JourneyPure Bowling Green because it offers practical benefits while allowing clients to have a great time as well.
  • Play Therapy — Play therapy is effective for people who have a difficult time telling people about their pain. It works by revealing issues such as unresolved trauma, behavioral problems, and others to help promote healing and growth.
  • Equine Therapy — Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a therapeutic treatment model promoting the development of a bonded relationship between clients in recovery and their horses. Implemented as a type of group therapy, EAP endeavors to help clients discover themselves all over again by making strong connections to their horse and to other members of their group.

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