About JourneyPure Bowling Green

A Premier Addiction Treatment Center

JourneyPure Bowling Green is a premier addiction treatment center in Bowling Green, KY, providing therapy, treatment and recovery for various addictions. We specialize in helping individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, treating these illnesses simultaneously with an integrated model that includes innovative therapies, wellness strategies and groundbreaking technology. We employ individuals who are committed to providing results-oriented, high-quality, and evidenced-based services. Our team aspires to achieve superior results for our patients and their families.

A Premier Recovery Provider in the Southeast

Overcoming the pain and damage of addiction is difficult for not only patients but for family and loved ones as well. There are no shortcuts to a healthier life. JourneyPure Bowling Green is an addiction treatment facility that is committed to healing the whole person. We are a personal retreat for spiritual recovery that allows patients to heal their body, mind and spirit. JourneyPure Bowling Green offers a private, homelike environment where our patients can experience healing and growth.


What to Expect From Treatment

Beyond personalized treatment models, our team has worked to create a spiritual retreat where patients can relax and feel at home. We approach treatment from a holistic angle, teaching the value of good nutrition, exercise, social connectivity and spiritual grounding in everyone who walks through our doors.

At JourneyPure Bowling Green, we aim to help each patient find lifelong recovery, happiness and a purpose-filled life. Our patients will see themselves, others, and their experiences in a new and positive light after completing treatment.


JourneyPure Bowling Green is a part of the JourneyPure family of addiction treatment facilities.